Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shake Shingle Splendor

Visions of Grandeur
Canvas for visions of grandeur

The three day weekend and beautifully warm days allowed us to sweep the winter dust off of the back porch and set up for summer. There is nothing like lounging in a newly dusted armchair, feeling the soft evening "not quite summer yet" breeze and dreaming into the moonlight.

What was I dreaming of-you may wonder. Actually, I was thinking of how to improve the curb appeal of what we would like to be our splendid shake shingle cottage but is currently our not so chic mid-century modern canvas. Quite a challenge I am afraid. But as everyone knows you have to start somewhere. My thoughts are to start with a new front door, (we found a beauty on Craigslist-a solid wood charmer with leaded glass and original hardware), a new mailbox, new lights to frame the entrance, a sailor's knot welcome mat and two very long flower boxes. Stay tuned- I will post the "after" shots soon.

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