Thursday, June 17, 2010

Interior Tales of a Neighborhood Haunt Part Two

Richtofen Castle encompasses nearly 15,000 sf of German aristocratic opulence.
It has 35 rooms including 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms
(imagine the house guests that you couldn't get rid of?)

The castle was designed after the von Richtofen castle in Germany.
It was completed in 1887 and serves as a private residence today.
It might be a nice place to raise a family-think of it-plenty of "time out" space-you may not see your children for days and plenty to decorate while still giving dear husband his man cave. Wouldn't want to clean it though ;-)

This lush abode boasts original leaded glass windows and doors,
gold and silver inlaid leather wallpaper, an oak paneled entry hall,
and a parquet-floored music room that seats 150 listeners.

Okay all of you Harry Potter fans-
the castle is known to have several secret passages and doors.
Makes you curious doesn't it?

One of the more recent castle occupants stated
"It's just an incredible place...
We had some of the best Halloween parties anyone could ever throw.
There were decorations in every room...
when you walked up to the front gate the party began."
What an incredibly fascinating childhood that must have been.

The distinguished gentlemen himself,
Baron Walter von Richtofen.

CREDIT: Portions of this post were taken directly from an article by Lori Tobias, Rocky Mountain News.
The interior photographs can be found at

In all of my research on the castle down the street-
one of the most lasting images for me exists in a quote from a recent caretaker
"I used to go home at night and sit in my recliner and wonder what he (Baron von Richtofen) used to think.
He sat in that same room.
You were in another world, you really were."

Have a wonderful night all of you Barons and Baronesses out there!
wherever you are...

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