Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kitchen "Renew"

Here is a glimpse of the kitchen project that has kept me and my husband quite busy (in between soccer and football games, work, dog park visits and the overall stuff of life) The first image is our lovely 1960s meets 1980s kitchen-not good decades to bring together ;-) The second image is my renewed and amazing cooking, homework helping, family entertaining and all around great spot for hanging out kitchen.

We are still working on the details such as paneling the refrigerator to look like the cabinets (we can't paint and stain until the weather is consistently warmer); touching up some "uh ohs" on the interior cabinet doors, and installing the three remaining pulls on the island drawers. Overall I think that our elbow grease, strong desire to get it done and affinity for a beautiful gathering place really paid off. I will post some more photos when the details are done (and the weather warms up-of course;-)

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