Thursday, October 14, 2010

Posh Pumpkins

Since pumpkins are the premier vegetable...or is it the premier fruit...
for the early autumn season
(Google even expresses some question as to which it is-which thankfully makes me feel a little less stupid for not knowing)


because they are a wonderful ingredient for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
(go here for a scrumdiddlyumptious pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe)


because whether cinderella, jack-o-lantern or jack-be-littles...
all pumpkins make great decorative accessories
(go here to find out about all the different types of pumpkins-there are so many!)

are you still with me?

because I seemed to have acquired so many pictures of them..

I thought that this would be the perfect pumpkin post for this cool but lovely
October day.

I created my own version of the pumpkin display above
I will display some photos of my version later.

Please come again.

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