Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a Scary Subject

Halloween is drawing near... is my desire to decorate for the season.

However-the season always seems to disappear 
I have as much as a black wreath on the door or a skeleton in the window.  

I think that is why I adore 
gathering and glaring at photographs of other's Halloween decorations.

They make me feel as though I am there-
in the spooky spirit and haunted happiness 
of Halloween.

Simone Lagies
-the imaginative lady who evoked these eerie images-
certainly brings out the ghostly gawker in me ;-)

(All photos above except the skeleton hello and black crepe wreath 
were published in Better Homes and Gardens October 2007 issue. 
Skeleton hello is from a current catalog whose name I cannot remember because I tore it out without noting it..oops.
The black crepe paper wreath is from Family Circle magazine)

May you be enchanted too.

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  1. Hi Chris..
    Ride around Park Hill and Hill Top..
    both areas usually have pretty neat decorations!


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