Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inspiration via Organization

If a clean closet is a sign of a clear mind...

 then I am on my way to one crystal clear mind ;-)
I have been wanting to create a craft/office space in our basement closet 
for quite some time now.

Just recently...
 I decided to begin by clearing out the boxes and boxes 
of home decorating magazines
 that I have amassed through the years.

Every morning
I set the alarm 10 minutes earlier.
I shuffle to the kitchen to start the morning brew-
then I scuttle down the stairs to choose just the right magazine.

The next few minutes are bliss.
I sit at the kitchen island-
sipping my morning sustenance 
(usually a vanilla sustenance although fall puts me in the mood for something more like pumpkin spice)
and sift slowly through the pages.

While admiring all of the glorious photographs-
I choose some favorites and tear them out.
(storing pages is a lot less space consuming than boxes full of magazines). 

Not only is it a wonderful way to begin the day
-fully inspired-
and an efficient way to solve my storage issue-

It allows me to share my inspiration with you.

Now it is off to indulge in a little evening sustenance...

Good evening wherever you are.

Photographs courtesy of House Beautiful, Country Home and Traditional Home

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