Monday, July 12, 2010

House Envy-Olive Street

Have you ever wandered around your neighborhood and
wished that you could just take a peek at the inside of your neighbor's house?
...or better yet simply trade houses with them ;-)

I remember when the realtor brought us in to what is now our neighborhood.
There was one house in particular that made me swoon instantly
...and it is currently for sale!

Unfortunately, the price tag is a little out of reach for us at the moment
(I have been contemplating purchasing a large number of powerball tickets).

The wonderful thing about houses that you love going on the market is
the invitation to explore the inside through MLS photos!

All of these photographs are MLS photos of the house that I covet on Olive Street.

The first photograph is the Living Room.
I adore the dark wood fireplace mantel and the beautifully substantial crown molding.

The second photograph is the kitchen.
I can just imagine myself sitting in front of those expansive windows
listening to the birds and admiring the hydrangea bushes
..oh and writing in my blog of course.
I am trying to convince the mister that my cooking would be so much better in a kitchen like this ;-)

The third photograph is the dining room (actually it is one of two dining rooms).
Love the built ins and the hardwood floors.
Doesn't it conjure up the smell of honey bacon and first cup of the morning coffee?

The last two photographs are my favorites.
The exterior view-what a glorious garden! ...and that turret...oh my heart twitters.

Finally, the piece de resistance-inside the turret is...(insert big build up here)

the Library

Boasting floor to ceiling bookshelves, three enormous windows and built in window seats.
I could spend every rainy day from here on out just curled up in front of these windows
reading "Goodnight Moon" to my children
or going back in time and dancing the night away with "The Great Gatsby".

Have you ever had house envy?
I would love to hear about it.


  1. Hi Cris!!
    thanks for popping by..
    yes..I've thought about sending out an SOS* to all our other Blogging sisters here in the Denver area. Would be fun..whatcha think?
    let's communicate via email?
    you've got a nice blog!
    am now a follower!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  2. SOS* = Soup or Salad!!


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