Monday, April 29, 2013

Coat Closet Project

Awhile ago J- and I decided to embark on a closet project.

We wanted to change our home's 
1964 entry closet to something more eye catching.

Something like this...

Truth be told I really wanted to get rid of the closet all together.
Then my dear husband J- reminded me that the only place the kids
would have to put their stuff away was - the floor.

Hmmm...that doesn't work.
(even though that is where they usually put their stuff anyway)

This is what we started with.

Double flat hollow doors painted green with brass knobs
(contain your jealousy please)

Gradually we got to the framing phase.
It looked like this...

We built up the bottom and framed over the existing hollow doors.

Step two - primer.

Step three - painted it a deep butterscotch color.

This was the first color applied.

It was the first in a 5 step process.

Hydrangea blossom blue was the second color to be applied.

Then a crackle mixture to enhance it's character.

Finally, we applied some black spray paint along the corners to make it pop.


This is our coat closet today.

Now it looks like a furniture piece instead of a closet.

Who would ever guess that inside those paneled doors lies a whole lot of mess ;-)

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