Friday, June 8, 2012

Retro Ramblings

With so much going in on my head these days…

Instead of trying to sort it all out~
I thought that I would just pick a few of these random thoughts and post about it

These are the Clematis vines that I planted last weekend
I will be so excited to see the iron trellis dripping white blossoms
{news update: a pair of magpie chicks have nested behind my clematis bushes-they seem to like it there
-hope the Clematis feel the same}

The other day C-and I had some time on our hands...
We just so happened to come across this nifty little shop called RETRO

Now I am not a mid-century modern type of gal…
{my style is better suited toward a Saturday afternoon stroll at a vintage market in Paris}
But I can appreciate a modern sensibility and the"thinking outside of the square" approach

and I might have to admit that I do find these white curvy chairs 
to be a bit groovy :-)  

Boy… if retro mod was my style this would be the place ~
a one stop shop for everything "cool"

You can even take the "cool" outside
They even had a few outdoor throw pillows that this vintage loving citizen of the historic district and avid francophile might want to take home

These are the ultimate of "cool" and I would venture to say that I could see this little 
aluminum number gracing a street side cafe in Paris tu ne peux pas?

And this…can't you just picture the lunch menu and list of lavish latte's
chalked out here?  

It just goes to show you that sometimes….
you have to venture out of your own proverbial square
 to find your inner "cool"
C- showing off his sorbet tongue while uttering
"Mom are we done shopping yet?"

Happy Weekend Mes Amies!


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