Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ooo La La….Look What I Found!

For the past several months I have been {and remain} on a very strict budget
You see I have made a commitment to pay off debt and become debt free by the end of the year {except for the mortgage of course-that will take a little longer ;-)

I have done very well on my strict budget and my willpower has been amazing 
{really I am not jiving}
I saw this on craigslist….

Not really…this exact table... 
{this is a table that I fell in love with when I saw it on one of my absolute favorite 
drool inducing blogs Room Seventeen Style}

More like this table…

my spectacular craigslist find 

Can you see it?
Or I should say can you picture it with a zinc metal top instead of tile?

Pretty darn close wouldn't you say?
and I betcha the table up top did not cost $400
That's right folks~this solid iron base outdoor table whose original price tag was $2000
is going to be mine for a mere few hundred dollars.  Now I ask you~who could say no to that? Oh did I forget to mention~please don't tell my darling husband~he just doesn't seem to understand how life altering and exciting this once in a lifetime, mind boggling basement bargain bonus find really is ;-)  
Of course it will be kind of difficult to hide a 77" x 40" solid iron base and tile table sitting on the patio in our front yard  for an extended period of time~I think we'll just have to go out for some cocktails prior to the unveiling ;-)

The second conundrum involves getting it home~I don't suppose that my daily exercise of walking the dog and lifting the dishes to the cabinet actually qualify me to lift a 200 lb table top….hmmmmm….I wonder what my brothers are doing this weekend.

Now after snagging this fabulous find…I figured I wouldn't find anything spectacular for at least a few months….but wouldn't you know it.

I spotted these….

Another spectacular craigslist find-no way! 

And guess what they reminded me of?

Yep another one of those drool worthy photographs from 

and get this~the craigslist price tag is $300 for 4 chairs
{holy moley}

I can furnish my entire new front veranda 
{it is really a small area bordered by landscape timbers and filled in with pea gravel
but veranda just sounds so much better}
for a whopping $700 

Dear Visa Card~it doesn't look like I will be paying you off this month as I had hoped.
Check back next month~after my darling husband takes my computer away so that I don't have access to craigslist ;-)

Hope you find treasure too.


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