Monday, May 7, 2012

Going on a walk with the the dog

My instagram of a neighbor's gate and garden
When going on a walk with the dog….

I like to take a look at my neighbors' gardens 
in order to be inspired for the planting of my own
(my husband calls it being a Mrs. Kravitz)
What is a little voyeurism among neighbors right ;-)  

I do not know the source of this image
Now I don't know how he couldn't understand that an open gate 
means it is okay to wander in…
maybe even take a few instagrams or two right??

Christine Bauer 33
pinterest image
I must not have disturbed my neighbor "kharma" too much 
because as luck would have it~
a landscape architect moved in right across the street ;-)

He is going to help me create the yard of my dreams
(Mrs. Kravitz worthy even ;-)


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