Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stuck in a Closet Conundrum

 I spent our beautiful weather weekend working in our front yard-
clearing out the "squirrel" debris, awakening the sprinkler system 
and unearthing the lawn mower from the tool shed.
 needless to say that I did not finish my wisteria wannabe desk painting project
(this weekend for sure ;-)

Image source unknown
Since I am almost finished with my desk project…
my thoughts are starting to drift toward the next big thing

I posted a while back about our coat closet redo (read it here)
My dear husband has worked diligently to trim out our entry way coat closet
in an effort to make it well….
not look like a closet ;-)  

The outside of the closet is almost ready for its big reveal
as I am painting it too!

However, the inside of the closet is still in an utter state of 
chaos =:-O

casa sugar 
I have been searching blog land to find inspiration and some really cool ideas 
on how to organize the inside of said chaotic closet
(hence all of these great closet photos)

What I cannot figure out is how 
these people don't have more stuff???

and for that matter…
how do they keep the stuff that they do have so clean, pretty and coordinated ;-)

Is it only my children who come in the front door immediately kick off their shoes 
(and I mean kick them wherever they land which is most of the time no where near the closet)
and drop their 50 pound backpacks on the floor spilling out the evenings homework assignments 
and leftover lunch apple dippers???


apartment therapy
Now that's more like it …a closet with lots of stuff!

Okay I am starting to see the light and my creative organizing juices are flowing
time to get out the power tools…good thing I already cleared out the tool shed ;-)


I had to end this post with a photo of a closet that I love
LOVE the artwork and the flourish detail around the light fixture

Happy Tuesday 


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