Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Entry to this Establishment is Very Exclusive

I've been seeing a lot of blog postings about spring cleaning and organization lately.

So much-in fact-that I was inspired to pursue a little de-clutter of my own.  

From the moment our realtor brought us into what would become our new home~
I have hated the entryway.  
Hated it because the first thing you see are two dreadfully outdated, green, brass doorknob adorned closet doors…yes a closet smack dab in the middle of the entry…say it with me…

Upon much discussion (and some disagreement) with my dear husband…it was decided that the closet had to stay.  I was wholeheartedly on the side of getting rid of that bad boy-so much so I was ready to chain myself to something just to get the point across.  However…dear husband reminded me that with four kids and their endless parade of shoes, boots, cleats, light jackets, snow suits, wind breakers…you get the point…that that closet was the only place to put them (drat a house with no extra storage space ;-)  So I gave in-
unchained myself and tried to come up with a solution that might satisfy us both.  

So-you might ask-what do the photographs of a bookstore front
 and a pair of old distressed blue doors have to with my closet compromise?  
I am glad you asked ;-)  

You see it was in perusing for inspiration that I came upon these photographs 
and in coming upon these photographs that I encountered one of those 
AHA moments (do you know those?) 
It occurred to me why does a closet have to look like a closet?
and I concluded… that it doesn't (and shouldn't ;-)  

Now can you think of a better way to not make a closet look like a closet 
then to add two gorgeously distressed, story-telling shabby, fadedly fantastic 
doors? (like the ones featured in the photographs above-see the connection? ;-)

I must add that the vintage french blue paint and crackled, distressed finish also caught my eye and will also be adorning our front entry very soon. 

Unfortunately even though inspiration almost always undoubtedly leads to action... 
(wink, wink)
the only action that dear husband and I have been able to muster up so far has been to tear out and replace the acid yellow parquet tiled wood floor.

So for now the closet doors still look like this...

but…the entry floor looks like this

Let's see that again…

I know, I know -just try to stay focused on the floor ;-)


Stay tuned for the rest of the closet transformation-
coming within in the next few weeks. 

and Happy Leap Day


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