Friday, January 6, 2012

February Images

Beautiful images…especially of houses
really draw me in via pinterest

They build me up, provide boundless inspiration,
 make me smile
spark my wondrous imagination… via pinterest

Alas, since I cannot live in each and every image...

I choose a few for each month of the year and create a calendar to include in my daytimer

(Yes-I do still carry around a daytimer-even though I have a smart phone I just prefer to have the paper-it suits me-I remember so much more by writing it down rather than typing it out -I like the texture too-books for me will never be replaced by laptops, ipads or e-readers -
what a boring library that would be ;-)  

The images in this post are February images. via pinterest
They represent for me the slow awakening of spring from winter's deep sleep, 
the beauty of the rich, deep and splendid colors of the year's last season 
they serve as a reminder of the exciting things that I am creating for the upcoming new year
(in this case it is a summertime trip to Paris)


I am not one to make resolutions with the new year.
I tend to believe that each day…each moment actually…
 is a new beginning 
and an opportunity to start anew, to create anything, to accomplish the impossible.

In other words...I am constantly making resolutions ;-)

It definitely helps to surround  myself with the inspiration that gets me moving.

May your Friday be filled with inspiration, 
fulfilled resolution and 
all of the joy your hearts can muster.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


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  1. beautiful thoughts.. i feel the same... always trying to be better... with each day... and i am a native colorado girl and i can feel the joy in denver... they so deserve it! xx pam


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