Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wish Fulfilled
I won! I won!
{please excuse me for a moment while I jump for joy}

I won a wonderfully charming enamel house number sign
from Ramsign

The giveaway was sponsored by a fellow Colorado blogger 
creator of this lovely blog

image from Ramsign
Thank you, Mary :-)

I am soooo excited!

I never seem to win anything 
~much less something ~
that is perfectly suited to my latest project

You see I have been frantically working weekends
in an effort to improve and enhance the "curb appeal"
of our home.  

Last weekend, J- built a new front door jamb 
and installed a stylish new entrance complete with an
aged bronze door knob.
{I spent the weekend shuffling back and forth to the hardware store 
and local paint shop trying to find the absolutely perfect shade of stain
I am happy to report that after 4 trips to Sherwin Williams, one quart of pre-stain treatment, 
and a lot of applying and wiping later-
I believe I have found}

While my little ol' ranch won't exactly look like this
or this...

The addition of the exquisite Ramsign Metropolitan house number plaque
will be a welcome improvement.

I can't imagine anything greater than being greeted by a 
little european flair after coming home from a long day's work ;-)

The outdated house number sign that my new enamel plaque will replace
And I can't wait to post about it
along with the new front door
that I will spend the upcoming weekend
staining the perfect shade of walnut ;-)

May all of your wishes be fulfilled!


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