Friday, June 3, 2011

A Place for Grace

Awhile back I posted about the progress that I had made 
on the design of my stepdaughter's room.

Her room has been in a state of undress 
since we moved into the house in January of 2008.  

All of that is about to change.

Here is the room as it is now.

We did manage to paint the walls, the ceiling and the beams.
{The ceiling beams were a decorative element that had
 already been added to the house when we moved in.
They look a little cottage "ish" so we decided to keep them}

Another "before" photograph.

Here you can see the ceiling beams-which we painted a deep brown
~even thought it doesn't look very deep in this photograph~


Here is the design plan.

The inspiration photograph is located on the bottom left corner.
Since the room is small I decided to create a bed nook which will be defined by the canopy.
I am going to use the crown (upper left) as the top of the canopy by attaching it to the wall and hanging fabric from it.  I have chosen three fabrics for the canopy.  The first is the large medallion floral in the top middle.  The second fabric is the deep brown floral and the third is the blue linen.  I am going to edge the front panel with an ivory crochet lace as well.
My thought is to repeat some of these fabrics in accessories like bed shams, throw pillows, hat boxes, etc.  The crewel fabric in the upper right will be layered with softer fabrics to create a bedskirt.  I have not chosen the linens as of yet but I am certain there will be ruffles :-)

I want to create a focal point as you enter the room so the far wall will be adorned with the blue damask wallpaper (upper left to the right of the crown).

The paint colors have already been applied-third from the left is the color I chose for the walls-it is called "Elephant".  The lightest shade (far left) was used for the ceiling.

The one thing that we did manage to do after moving in was to replace the dated parquet floors with Brazilian walnut 
{best idea ever!  It is so incredibly hard and durable that it has managed to withstand four children, one dog and a husband who seems to think that his closet encompasses the entire first floor-aka  there are shoes and coins and baseball hats all over}

The final element included above is the animal print area rug.  It is a little outside out of the design element but I like to keep it quirky ;-)  

Grace will appreciate that.

Whew…I have a lot of work to do.

I look forward to posting the "afters".


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