Friday, September 17, 2010

Voracious Vintage

As the Friday work day draws to a close...I am seeking inspiration for the weekend.

Seeking inspiration always draws me to the many "beautiful home" books that I have 
stacked on the coffee table and sitting next to my bed and scattered on the kitchen island
-you get the idea ;-)  
I have a lot of them! 
You can never be too inspired right?

The lovely photographs above come from a book by Bari Lynn called Eclectic Living 
(the link to the book can be obtained by clicking on the post header Voracious Vintage)

It truly captures the beauty of vintage decorating and creates a nostalgic ambience 
of bygone eras 
-all while maintaining a timelessness that makes it appealing in the present.

This book not only provides gorgeous photographs-
it also shows you how to get the same look with your own vintage finds.

I consider myself fully inspired :-)

I am linking to Common Ground Vintage Inspiration Friday.  

Have a beautiful weekend


  1. Love all your inspiring images, especailly the third one of the massive windows in a sunroom, really me! I'm going to have to find this book, it's just amazing!
    Thanks for joining in with VIF today!

  2. Cris..
    these are GORGEOUS!!!
    love them one and all!
    hope to at least stop by and say HI on Sunday!


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