Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Tour Heaven

On Sunday- I am going to do something that I love.

I try to do it every year about this time.  
Only this year I have volunteered to participate rather than simply spectate.  

I am going to the Park Hill home tour.  
Seven exquisite homes built between 1928 and 1938 will be spotlessly cleaned,
 fabulously fluffed and admiringly adorned with blossoming bouquets-
so that several hundred beautiful house junkies 
(like me ;-)
can become inspired and dare to dream of living in a home as lovely as these.  

I will be a tour guide of sorts.  I will stand in one room in one particular house and spout about the type of architecture, the year it was built, who may have slept there and other interesting little tidbits that many homes of history carry and reveal through their four layers of vintage wallpaper and several dozen scratches to the original hardwood floors.  

While doing my homework for this very important position (and because I found it fascinating), I found some wonderful things about each one of these stately homes.  

For example, one of them has kitchen countertops made from limestone that once adorned the old Denver courthouse building.  

Another houses an antique apothecary cabinet that has been painted cotton candy pink! 
Can you guess which house matches which interesting fact?  

Here are a few more:  
The dining room of this Italianate and Spanish Colonel Revival home is decoratively painted in chartreuse with a tinted glaze made from coffee grounds.  

This 1932 Tudor style home boasts a rustic picnic area said to be reminiscent of 
-the Provence countryside-
with tree stumps fashioned into seating and ornamental lanterns hanging from the tree branches.

One of these houses has been featured in two home design and remodeling books.
Know which one?

And one of these magnificent places has a master suite that encompasses its own floor
-half way between the main and second floors.  
What luxury.

Here is the teaser-I am not going to tell you which house matches which fact
-at least not until next week -
At which time I hope to not only have a few more interesting facts 
but also 
to provide some spectacular photographs.

I hope you will stay tuned. 


  1. Hi Chris..
    Is the TOUR on Saturday only...or Sunday also?
    Would love to take the tour..'
    ticket price/details..
    email me please!
    lucky you!!

  2. Oh...I love historic home tours. Tis the Season for them here. That's fantastic that you are working it. Just found your blog through Common Ground link party and became your newest follower. If you like this sort of sure to come by my blog as I live in a 1931 tudor revival cottage. I'm kind of obsessed with them.


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