Thursday, August 12, 2010

Classic and Timeless

When I was a college student in Boulder, Colorado...

I worked for -what was then- a primarily family owned company called 
Laura Ashley

It was located on the charming and slightly famous 
Pearl Street Mall 

I think that if that darling little shop were still there-
I would be too.

I do still hold onto a lot of Laura Ashley things (especially catalogs)
and I am always amazed by the timelessness of the designs.

Couldn't you just see these delicate and crisp floral fabrics (from a 1990 catalog)
adorning a modern master bedroom 
or covering a casual sectional?

I suppose this is the visual definition of 

1 comment:

  1. hi Chris..
    i too adored Laura Ashley..
    still do..
    she is what I call elegant Romantic classic..timeless..
    just like Liz Claiborne to me,,
    Is simply utterly casual classic..
    personal email will follow


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