Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Vacation

Here it is 4th of July week 
I am deep in thought planning a summer vacation

I confess that I have not booked flights 
or made hotel reservations…

In fact, I am having a hard time finding a weekend between 
now and August school start that isn't already promised 
to lacrosse games, baseball season end parties or overnights with friends.

I will not go another summer without a trip to the water

Back east…near the coast
Where the boys can get sand in their toes, 
feel the sun and the sea on their faces,
listen to the tides roll in and roll out,
gaze at the sun disappearing behind the marshes, 
smell the wood burning from a beach bonfire and
bask in the sweet ambience of summer.

I am thinking of upstate New York
the state where I was born 

This rental "cottage" on Schooner Island 
in Alexandria Bay
looks perfect

This is where you will find me soon

The photos were taken from the Home Away website

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