Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Fondness

February kind of gets a bad rap…

I was searching the internet for a charming quote on the month February with which to begin this post when I discovered….

…that there weren't any.  
The shortest month of the year is described as "the bridge to March", 
" a suitable month for dying" and "when the days of winter seem so endless that no amount of wistful recollecting can be bring back any air of summer" ~ (Shirley Jackson)

As someone who lives in a cold weather state, I understand the isolation and melancholy that comes with days of putting on hats, scraping off car windows and waiting with shivers until the heater kicks in.  

I also understand the beauty of the one perfectly preserved snowflake that you catch on your tongue, and the sound of my children laughing as they glide down the local sled hill feet first and as fast as they can get them to go.  Every once in while (especially in this-one of the mildest winters in Colorado history) I do get a glimpse of spring -a lone daffodil poking its head out above the hard ground and just above the last snow melt (maybe even a wistful recollecting of a past airy summer-so there Shirley Jackson ;-)  

So when I think of February…
I will think of it fondly.


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Thank you to the creators who've inspired me and who've  shared their wondrous visions.

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