Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A woman whose blog I often look to for wonder and warmth (kimberlytaylorimages)
has taken on an annual ritual of choosing one word that will define what she hopes to accomplish, to create and to encompass her life during the upcoming new year.  I thought "how interesting" and seeing as how I firmly believe in the power of language and its ability to shape our lives - I too decided to take on a word for 2013.  

The word I have chosen is BEAUTY

The word beauty not only conjures up images of beautiful places, things, people, photographs, houses, and so much more - but also of living in a way that is kind and supportive of others-a way that inspires others to live the life of their dreams.  When I imagine being in a way that is beautiful I imagine being really present with others in a space that allows me to hear them and to experience the connection that we all have as human beings.  When I imagine living into the word beauty-I think of being aware of the food and drink and medications that I put into my body and my family's stomachs.  This means that I am going to do a lot more cooking with natural foods (perhaps even plant a garden with my children in the spring).  When I think of living into the word beauty I think of the word create - I am going to create something beautiful each and every day (the first being this post).  I have always been passionate in the act of creating and get giddy with the excitement of conjuring up new things.  When I think of living into the word beauty I think of a lot of closets that are going to be organized this year ;-)  and of a lot more time spent reading books instead of watching television, of playing board games with my sons and laughing at eleven year old potty jokes.  I think of listening to George Winston, James Taylor and my children practicing the violin and cello.  I think of picking flowers, making homework break snacks, walking the dog, and a lot.... a lot more traveling.  I think of learning how to use my camera and taking lots and lots of photographs...of building a garage... of painting my red brick fireplace and constructing a pergola.  There are so many things.  

There you have it (thank you miss mimi charmante for the inspiration).  
My year of beauty begins today.  

Wishing you a beautiful 2013!


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