Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vintage Market Wannabe

Saturday was the perfect day for a yard sale…

Photo was taken after the rummaging began.
I can't believe how early those die hard yard salers are out ;-)

The weather was gorgeous...
and the people came in droves from 7 am until 2 pm.

Plastic was used to cover the wet grass…
I forgot to adjust the sprinkler system not to come on at 5 am…oops.

I met a lot of new neighbors and 
chatted with a few acquainted ones.  

Also a snapshot taken after the rummaging had begun.
I made a little bit of money…

The kids made a lot and loved every minute of it ;-)

They sold water...
(it started out cold but warmed as the day went on-
my son fretted when he had to reduce the price because of warming temperatures)
and gave away a free cookie with purchase-chocolate chip and snicker doodles.

I wanted my handsome husband to hang this chandelier from the
apple tree in our front yard but he had other ideas…
like it is easier to put  it on the plant hanger next to our front door …wink wink

When all was said and done…
(after 3 trips to Goodwill with the items that did not sell ;-)

I managed to clean out my house-
inventory my charitable donation
and exhaust myself to the point of collapsing ;-)

Next year… I think I'll shop instead.


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