Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going to Carolina

I am heading off for a most needed and highly anticipated adventure …

…to the beautiful state of North Carolina

So~in an effort to excite myself even more than I am already~

I thought that I would post some lovely and inspiring Carolina photographs.

My sons' grandmother recently moved to Hillsborough, NC 
from Stamford, CT
{I was a tiny bit disappointed when I first heard that they were moving because
I loved their home in Connecticut and I had visions of my sons experiencing the charm of 
summers in New England}

Although I have been to North Carolina before,
this will be the first time that I will see their new home.
It is located in a historic district known to be inhabited by authors and artists~
{it already sounds charming doesn't it?}

How could I have doubted that they would choose anyplace other 
than an equally charming and delightful southern town?

While my children enjoy the company of their California cousins
{they are having a mini family reunion}
I will be galavanting around looking for local home and garden tours and quaint
antique shops~taking photographs of southern architecture, landscapes and people~
savoring some Southern fried chicken and grazing on grits ;-)  

I am certain that I will take in one -mmm... maybe two-of those sight-seeing 
bus trips-I am kind of cheesy that way ;-)

I will tell you all about it when I return.

Happy Adventures!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Cris..
    you will be in for such a treat..
    so different from Denver..
    but still an exciting adventure..
    drink in the history..
    capture the moods of southern hospitality..
    above savor the experience..
    enjoy yourself!!!
    sandy hugs..


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