Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hidden Heroes

Have you ever wanted to be just like someone?  

I don't mean wanting to look like some famous movie star 
or possessing the fame and money of some popular sports figures.

I am talking about someone you meet in your ordinary life 
 just happens to move you, 
or inspire you 
or whose mannerisms you wish you could emulate.

Someone who makes you want to be the person that you know that 
you are.

Someone who makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

In the past week I have been reminded of two such people 
in my own ordinary extraordinary life.

The first is mom.

A photograph of my mom, brother and me 

How incredibly fortunate I am 
to have 
the most beautiful, loving, passionate, talented and generous woman
as my first and most important role model.  

(what a lot to live up to ;-)

The second is a professor that I had while attending 
the University of Colorado at Boulder

Old Main on the CU campus with the Flatirons in the background.
image from

I came to discover that she is no longer teaching at my alma mater
she is close by.

Book image from

In fact, she lives only 6 blocks from our downtown Victorian.

I was able to catch up with what has been going on in her life
(mine seems so insignificant by her standards)

She has written several books and done a lot of world traveling.

She also still teaches..thankfully.

I am certain that she has inspired and touched many other students
since my classroom days.

My mom and my professor have some things in common.
(aside from being highly intelligent)

Both of these amazing women brought about in me 
a genuine love of reading and books, 
of writing and being inspired by the things around me and inside of me.
Both encourage me to find something that I am passionate about
and pursue it with my whole heart.

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I only wish that I could capture that essence of them and carry it around with me.

To be continually reminded that I can accomplish anything.

And so can you...wherever you are.


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  1. what a lovely tribute. and, how lucky you are to have had both these women in your life!
    I adore the last photo!


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